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Welcome to the web site of Seaburn Auto-Bitz, supplier of car accessories. Sunderland.
Based on Sea Road in the Fulwell area of Sunderland, Seaburn Auto-Bitz is a supplier of quality replacement motor parts and accessories. The owner of the business, David, had spent 30 years in after-sales in various main dealerships in the north east before setting up the business in 1995. David takes pride in a high level of enthusiasm and expertise in his chosen field.

The store can supply most replacement parts for most popular vehicles. All areas are catered for including Braking, Steering, Suspension, Transmission, Cooling, Lighting, Batteries, Exhaust Systems, Replacement Body Panels and Radiators. Plus of course routine requirements like service parts, lubricants and valeting items.

The owner of Seaburn Auto-Bitz

David Martin

It would, of course, be almost impossible to list every replacement part sold and every manufacturer who supplies it but the following list gives an indication of the range of products available.


Aerials, Air Filters, Air Fresheners, Anti-Freeze, Body Repair Materials, Brake Fluid, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Cooling System Additives, De-Icer, Fan Belts, Fuel Additives, Glass (including mirrors) Haynes Manuals, Ignitions Lead Sets, Jump Leads, Lighting, Mats, Mobile Phone Holders, Motor Cycle Batteries, Oil, Paint, Replacement Number Plates, Screen Wash, Sockets Sets, Spark Plugs, Tax Disc Holders, Timing Belts, Towing Accessories, Valeting Accessories , Wheel Trims and  Wiper Blades.


Many companies supply the parts sold and among those companies are :-


Ambi-Pur, Auto Care, Auto Glym, AutoLeads,  Bosch, BlueCol, Car Plan, Car Lube, Car Point, Castrol, Champion, Dayco, Delphi, Direct Components, Draper, Eclipse, Equip, Forte, Fram, Gates, Hycote, Laser, Magic Tree, Motor Value, Pearl, QH, Red Label, Redex, Sounds, STP, Summit, Streetwise, T-Cut, Tetrosyl, Trico, Turtle Wax and Wix.

To find out which product is supplied by which company, simply click on that item on the menu below. Since Brake Pads and Towing Equipment are popular lines it would be wise to give us a call on the following number : 0191 549 4268.

Aerials Air Filters Air Fresheners Anti-Freeze Body Repair Materials Brake Discs Brake Fluid Brake Pads Brake Shoes Cooling System Additives De-Icer Fan Belts Fuel Additives Glass (including mirrors) Haynes Manuals Ignition Lead Sets Jump Leads
Lighting Mats Mobile Phone Holders Motor Cycle Batteries Oil Paint Replacement Number Plates Screen Wash Socket Sets etc Spark Plugs Tax Disc Holders Timing Belts Towing Accessories Valeting Accessories Wheel Trims Wiper Blades Not on the list?????
Number Plates at Seaburn Auto-Bitz
Wheel Trims